How to Setup Canon Pixma TR4520 printer

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  • 29 April 2022

We know that you have struggled to set up your Canon Pixma TR4520 printer for your business requirements. There are various ways to set up your printer.
Canon Pixma TR4520 series are dominating all areas whether commercial, domestic, educational, etc.
Canon India market consisting an extensive range of advanced digital imaging products and solutions in India. 
Apart from these, Canon provides a diverse range of products such as digital production printers, large format printers, commercial printers, multi-functional devices, managed document services, inkjet & laser printers, document and cheque scanners, digital cameras, DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, cinematic imaging products, surveillance cameras and medical imaging products catering to disparate market segments of consumer, SME, B2B, government etc. 
In this post, you will find several ways through which you can set up your Canon Pixma TR4520 printer so that you can amazing printing experience and can scale your business to the next level. 

Follow the below steps before starting to set up the Canon Pixma Tr4520 printer –  

•    Ensure that all required components are available for setup. 
•    In case you want to connect your printer to your system, buy one from the market and execute the connections. 
•    Install the Canon printer driver on your system and execute a test print. 

Ways to unbox your Canon Pixma TR4520 printer – 

•    Take out your printer safely and place it on a flat surface to start the setup process. 
•    Pull out all the protective tapes and pack materials properly. 
•    Make sure the package consists of all required materials such as USB cable, power cable, ink cartridges and ij canon’s setup manual. 
•    Now connect the power cable to the printer and power socket to switch on the printer. 
•    Turn on your printer and then select the desired place and language for the printer. 
•    Open the front panel and remove the ink cartridge access door to locate the cartridge slots. 
•    Insert the color and black ink cartridges in your printer and casually slide them until you hear a click sound. 
•    Now you have to close the access door and start executing the initial setup. 

Wireless Connection Setup for Canon Pixma TR4520 – 

Windows – 

To print or scan wirelessly from Windows PC, you have to connect the printer to a Wi-Fi network then you have to install the printer drivers and software on your system. 

Two methods –     
Start Easy Wireless Connect on your printer – 
•    Ensure that your printer is switched on. 
•    Tap and hold the Menu/Wireless connect button for 3 seconds. 
•    When the below screen displays then the printer is ready to receive the information required to connect to the wireless network. 

Download and run the setup file to install drivers and software on your system. 
•    Go through the information mentioned and be attentive of warning messages which can occur during setup then choose the Download button. 
•    You can also use the setup CD which came along with your printer in order to install the software. 
o    Find the setup file and tap Start Setup. 
o    In case you use the setup CD, you will find the Use the updated software found on the Internet option. In case you mark the box, then the latest driver and software versions will automatically be used. In case you don’t want to do this, remove the checkmark from the box then choose Start setup. 
o    Go through the network security notice then choose Next. 
o    Choose the proper region then choose Next. 
o    Go through the license agreement and choose Yes to continue with the installation. 
o    Choose Agree or Do not Agree to the information request. 
o    Choose Yes to confirm the connection method. 
o    Setup will be continued. 
o    When the network connection will be finished, tap next. 
o    Driver installation will be displayed. Wait until it gets finished. 
o    Information will be displayed. 
o    Choose Start in case you want to execute a test print or Next to continue. 
o    Mark the box to Set as default printer in case you want to use this as your main printer. 
o    Choose any additional software accordingly then tap Next. 
o    Additional software will be installed as it may take some time. 
o    Choose Next. 
o    Choose Exit as the installation will be completed. Your printer is now ready to use from your windows PC. 
o    In case your product issue hasn’t been resolved after following the above steps then you need additional help. You now have to create or log in to your Canon account for technical assistance. 

Mac - 

Two methods – 
Begin the setup process on your printer. 
•    Ensure that your printer is switched on. 
•    Tap and hold the Menu / Wireless connect button for 3 seconds. 
•    When the below screen will gets displayed then it means your printer preparation has been finished. 

Downloading and running the setup file on your computer. 
•    Find the setup file. 
•    Go through the mentioned information and account for any messages to be occurred during the setup then choose Download. 
•    Choose next on the first screen. 
•    Mention your system Username and password then choose Install helper. 
•    Choose Start Setup. 
•    Go through the network security notice and choose Next. 
•    Choose the proper residential region and choose Next. 
•    Go through the license agreement and choose yes to continue. In case you choose No then the installation will not be continued. 
•    Choose Agree or Do not Agree to the information request. 
•    Choose Yes to confirm the connection method. 
•    Setup will be continued. Wait until it gets finished. 
•    In case the below screen gets displayed choose to Allow. 
•    Network connection has been finished. Choose Next. 
•    Choose Add printer. 
•    On the Add screen, choose the TS series with Bonjour Multifunction mentioned in the Kind column. Choose Airprint or Secure Airprint in the Use: drop-down then choose Add. 
•    Choose Next to continue. 
•    Choose to Begin to execute a test print or Next to continue. 
•    Setup has been finished. Choose Next. 
•    Choose any additional software which you want to install then choose Next. The additional software will be installed and it will take some time. 
•    Choose Next -> Skip or Register now. 
•    Choose a Desktop shortcut preference for the online manual then choose Next. 
•    Choose Exit. The installation has been finished. You can now print wirelessly. 


How to Scan from Canon TR4520 printer 

•    Switch on the printer after connecting it to the direct power socket. 
•    Visit Control Panel in a folder in the system and choose the ‘Device and printer’ option. 
•    Choose your canon TR4520 printer and right-click on it. 
•    Select the ‘Scan’ option from the mentioned lists. 
•    The document inserted in the scanner will be scanned. 
•    Now you need to save the scanned documents to your system. 

IJ Scan Utility for Windows - 

•    Visit the manufacturer’s site i.e., TR4520 and provide the printer model. 
•    In windows, Canon TR4520 software is saved in the .exe format. 
•    Tap on the software option and then download the ij start canon utility software. 
•    After this, the software will be saved to your PC. 
•    Now double-tap on the file to begin the installation. 

IJ Scan Utility for Mac - 

•    First, log in to the manufacturer’s site i.e., configuration and tap on the support option. 
•    Download the Pixma TR4520 software by choosing the software option. 
•    The software exists in the form of ‘.pkg’ file. 
•    Double-tap on the file so that you can install it. 
•    Open the scan utility folder and begin to execute the ij scan software. 
•    Now choose the document which you want to scan and adjust the settings accordingly. 
•    The scanned copy of the document will be saved on the mentioned location on your mac system.

Canon Pixma TR4520 Review

This printer is considered as compact, all-in-one inkjet printer attached with a flatbed scanner and an automatic document feeder. 
Apart from scanning and printing roles, this printer can perform fax as well as duplex printing. It possesses amazing photo printing quality as images vomit out detailed with a slight of banding in the greyscale and colors are decently looking perfect. 
However, the plastic body feels solid, the design creates accessing paper jams tough as the user have to turn it on other side or has to pull-out the back panel while printer is switched on to clear all of them. 
Similar to other Inkjet printers, it has low page yield for color as well as black-only documents and a slow printing speed. 
As the ink cartridges are cheap, users like you have to replace them often resulting in high-cost print. 

The verdict – 
    6.9 Family – 

This printer executes decently for family purposes. It consists of a high-resolution flatbed scanner to easily digitize old photos and documents. The photo printing quality is amazing, as images come out detailed with minimum banding and the colors are perfect appearing. 

•    Amazing photo print quality. 
•    Sufficient compact size. 
•    Decent color accuracy. 
•    Low page yield for black as well as color documents. 
•    Frustrating cost-per-print for black and color documents. 
•    Design makes accessing paper jams difficult. 


    5.1 Student 

This printer is inappropriate for student use. Consists of low page yield for both black and color documents and has a high cost-per-print. In case you frequently use a printer then you need to replace the cartridges.
The best part is, it has a high-resolution scanner with an automatic document feeder.

•    Comparatively compact size. 

•    Has slow printing speed. Its design makes using paper jams tough. 
•    Irritating cost-per-print for both black as well as colored documents. 
•    Has low page yield for both black as well as colored documents. 


Canon TR4520 Troubleshooting

Your printer not printing issue –

•    Ensure that your printer is connected to an active network connection. 
•    Verify whether the printer and the OS are connected to the same router network. 
•    Open the cartridge access door and verify the ink levels in the ink cartridges; replace them is needed. 
•    Insert sufficient papers in the paper tray of the Canon TR4520 printer by adjusting the width glides. 
•    Verify for troubleshooting issues like paper jams and clear them immediately. 
•    Restart the printer and reinstall all the full driver package and utility tools for your printer. 
•    Make sure to add your printer to your operating system and execute a test print. 

Canon printer offline issues – 

•    Ensure that your printer is switched on; connect the Pixma TR4520 printer to an active network connection. 
•    Verify it for any loose connections between the printer and the operating system.
•    Now you have to restart your ij start canon printer and the operating system; now try to connect the printer again to the same network connection. 
•    Try connecting the printer to a different network connection; change your router if required. 
•    Don’t forget to enable the Wi-Fi option in your printer; changing the network connection is required. 
•    Contact your internet service provider and create a complaint about the network issue. 
•    In case the issue still exists, contact the support team.

Ij start cannon scanner not working - 

•    Make sure to place the Canon TR4520 printer within the connectivity range of the router. 
•    Now you have to reset your whole printer and install the latest version of scanner software. 
•    Ensure to connect the printer to an active high-speed network connection. 
•    Ensure that the connection between the printer and the operating system is proper and tight. 
•    Place the document to be scanned in such a way that its printed side faces downwards. 
•    Now restart the printer and the operating system then connect the printer to a different network connection and then try scanning. 


Canon printer printing blank pages - 

•    First access the cartridges room and verify the ink levels in the Canon Pixma ink cartridges. Replace the ink if needed. 
•    Execute the print head cleaning to reduce any clogs or paper jams in the printer. 
•    Ensure that your printer is connected to an active network connection. 
•    Now restart the whole process and install the latest version of printer’s driver software. 
•    Verify the network status of your router and restart it if required. 


Canon Pixma TR4520 ink – 

Considered as the most reliable and most affordable compatible Canon TR4520 ink replacements. 
It is created to print and fit in your printer similar to Canon Pixma TR4520 cartridges. This is due to advanced compatible ink technology, you can have high-performance cartridges at more cost-effective prices. 
You can print the same number of pages with compatible TR4520 ink priced 45 % less than the original Canon. 
These compatible ink cartridges are established to work with the TR4520 printer along with other printers in this Canon series. 

Conclusion – 

The above steps will help you in setting up the Canon Pixma TR4520 printer. In case you still need help then you can opt for technical assistance as they will help in resolving all your issues and queries related to Canon Pixma tr4520.


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