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Canon Printer Setup & Drivers

You should correctly install, configure and connect your Canon Printer with your desktop computers to serve all your printing needs. Don't forget to install all the required drivers and software needed for the printer's proper functioning. You can easily set up your Canon Printer by following quick and easy steps.

One of the easiest ways to connect your Canon printer to your system is using the ethernet network or USB cable. Some Canon Printer models can be connected wirelessly by using the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. That is why please should first check the specification of your printer before you configure it. You can find the printer specification on the printer package or online.

You must have the installation CD of the Canon Printer with you for setting it up. This software CD will be there inside the printer package, and if you have misplaced or lost the CD, you can visit the Canon website for the same. You need to download the driver from the Canon Printer official website by looking at the printer model.

Choose Your Model

The PIXMA Canon printers come in two models' home and photo printers which offer both simplicity and convenience for high-quality printing solutions. With its wireless feature, you can print and scan your document from anywhere in your house.

This printer can save your time & money because of its amazing Auto duplex printing and Mobile Device Printing. The sleek, compact design of this printer is a blessing as it increases its speed & efficiency.

The new Canon MAXIFY printers are known for working faster and smarter. You can copy, print and scan your images and documents using all your favorite devices because of its built-in Wi-Fi.

With its quality performance and maximum print speed, you can surely multiply your business and handle any amount of workload. The DRHD Ink System of these printers produces professional colors and laser-sharp text which are smudge-resistant.

Canon Laser Printers are famous for their superior performance because they are equipped with Automatic Image Refinement, On-Demand Fixing and Canon Advanced Printing technology.

These printers are engineered to give you fast prints, and they are easy to install and connect to your any device be it Windows XP, 2000, ME, 8 and LINUX (CUPS). These are fast printing machine that has a brilliant design and even offers enhanced security solutions.

Canon SELPHY Printers are wireless photo printer which can print your images and document with AirPrint, Wi-Fi, Canon print app, USB Flash Memory, PictBridge, Mopria Device Printing and memory card support.

You can print fun collages with the party shuffle print by using these printers and share your memories. You can print the images in various sizes postcard, card size, L size and square label.

How to Connect Your Canon Printer?

You first need to place your Canon Printer in a way that you can easily connect it with computer or laptop and power source. Connect the power cable of the printer to the power source and turn it on. You need to press the power button of your Canon Printer either present in the top or front panel of the printer. You will hear the page feed mechanism of your printer once you turn on the printer power button. Once your printer is turned on, you need to turn on your system too. Ensure that your Canon Printer and the system is connected correctly with the power socket.

Once your PC is up, you must connect it with your printer. Remember that your printer comes with two cable one is the power cable and the other is USB cable. Once you have already plugged in the power cable, you must insert the USB cable of the printer into the USB port of your system, either in the front or backside of your CPU. Once the printer is securely and correctly connected with your computer, then you can move forward.

Setting Up Canon Printer

The latest version of the operating system will automatically detect your Canon Printer and configure and install it to use it for printing. This is possible only when connected with an active internet connection and have the latest OS in your system. If your OS does not automatically install the printer driver on your system, you don't need to worry about using the installation CD for the same.

How to Use CD for Installation of Canon Printer Driver?

To initiate the installation process, you need first to install the CD to the CD drive, and then the installation file of the Canon Printer should open. Once you see the pop-up Installation, you need to click on it. You can even go to My Computer folder of your system and then double click on the CD drive to install the file. Once you have downloaded the Canon printer driver, you need to run that file. Follow the onscreen instruction to complete the Canon Printer setup and once done, you have to run the test print. In case the test print doesn't print, then there must be some issue with the installation of your printer.

Once your printer is connected correctly with your system, then click on the Start Menu of your system and then open the Setting. In the settings, you will see the option of Device and Printer and then click on it. You have to open the Printer setting and then click on the Add a Printer button to open the Printer Wizard. This wizard will have the name of few printers; you need to select your Canon Printer. Then hit on Add Device button to add the printer, it will take few seconds to install it. Once done, your printer is ready to be used.

How to Setup Canon Printer on Mac?

One of the best ways to install your Canon Printer on Mac is to add the printer using 'System Preferences manually'. You need to click on the icon in the Dock and open 'System Preferences'. Select 'Printers & Scanners' and click the plus sign to add a printer. Click the 'Default' tab in the Add window and proceed. Then you have to enter the printer name, location, and driver information. If your Mac cannot find a printer driver, then click the drop-down menu and click on 'Select Software' and search the list of available printer drivers. You have to select a printer driver from the list and then click 'OK' to confirm. Now you need to click the 'Add' button to complete the installation, and you will be able to use your Canon printer without any problem. In case you encounter an error, you can manually select a generic driver or visit the Canon website and download a suitable printer driver.

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